About us

We are a small indie studio developing innovative games and vr experiences. We make games designed to delight and respect you as a player.

Our Games

GrowRilla is a single-player eat-em-up roguelite in VR, actively being developed and currently in Early Access.

Late For Work is an award-winning VR party game, pitting one giant gorilla against up to four other players.

Our first release is Ellipsis, a highly-rated action puzzle game with absolutely no text, ads or IAP.

Our Unity Plugins

Low Poly Military Base is a set of beautiful low-poly models for a full military environment.

iOS Haptic Feedback is a Unity Asset Store plugin that adds support for haptics on iOS.

We are proudly based in Munich, Germany. To stay up to date on our latest projects, please follow us on your favorite medium (Twitter, Facebook, Discord).

We also do consulting work for industrial clients (see our portfolio).