Salmi Games

A small indie development team
dedicated to innovative minimalist games.

About us

We are a small indie studio developing innovative games and vr experiences. We make games designed to delight and respect you as a player. Our first release is Ellipsis, a highly-rated action puzzle game with absolutely no text, ads or IAP.

We are proudly based in Munich, Germany. To stay up to date on our latest projects, please follow us on your favorite medium.

We also do consulting work for industrial clients (see our portfolio)

Dev Blog

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  • The Humble Freedom Bundle

    Humble Freedom Bundle

    We are honored to participate in the Humble Freedom Bundle with our game Ellipsis. It’s an amazing collection of games with all proceeds going to three charities:

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  • Get Ellipsis On Steam Now!

    We are very excited to finally release Ellipsis on Windows, Mac and Linux. Get your copy now! The game is available at a special launch discount of $8.99/€8.99 (10% off regular price). You can also get the game directly on our site:

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  • Ellipsis PC Launch in January 2017!


    Today we’re happy to announce that Ellipsis is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux in January 2017. We’ve been hard at work over the last few months and are excited to finally bring Ellipsis to the PC where we feel most at home. We have a lot of new ideas in store.

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  • Ellipsis - Game of the Year!


    Today marks an incredible milestone for us. Ellipsis has just won two awards in Intel’s Game Competition: Best Action Game and Game of the Year!

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  • Ellipsis Android Release!


    We are very excited to have finally released Ellipsis for Android. Get your copy now!

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  • From iOS to Apple TV in 90 days


    In May 2016, we released Ellipsis for Apple TV. I want to explore how we managed to bring our iOS game over to Apple TV in just under three months and the interesting challenges we faced along our path.

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  • Ellipsis - Sales Numbers for a Premium Game on iOS in 2016

    Ellipsis is a minimalist game developed by a 2-man indie team. It is available right now on iOS and Apple TV. It will be released on Android on May 25th.


    I want to share our experience releasing a premium game on iOS in 2016. In February, we launched Ellipsis, a minimalist action puzzler with zero text. I benefited greatly from past sales reports and the developers who openly shared their numbers. I hope to pay it forward with this article.

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  • Ellipsis Major iOS Update and Apple TV Release!


    We are excited to announce a major update to our game Ellipsis on iOS. We have added a ton of new features.

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  • Ellipsis is out on iOS!

    After two long years, our game Ellipsis is finally available on the app store.

    We are quite relieved, a bit exhausted and happy with how the game turned out. It finally meets the quality we originally hoped to reach. If you are curious what the final game looks like, just check out our official launch trailer.

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  • Creating the Temple World

    Killing walls

    Our game currently features 7 worlds and we try to give each of these worlds a unique look and feel. Whereas some world practically programmed and designed themselves, we struggled early on with the third world.

    With a lot of focus and effort, it’s become one of the biggest worlds and we are quite proud of the results.

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  • Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2015

    Last week, we got the opportunity to show our game Ellipsis at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2015 in the Indie Prize showcase.

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  • Indie Gameleon Post Mortem

    Indie Gameleon 2015

    I had the opportunity to attend Indie Gameleon and showcase our game Ellipsis on the 14th and 15th of September. Thanks to all testers for giving us valuable feedback on the game!

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  • New Blog, New Site, New Trailer, Oh My!

    Welcome to the blog.

    We are proud to announce our new site for our upcoming game Ellipsis. To celebrate, we are excited to share with you our first teaser trailer for Ellipsis.

    Experience it, savour it and share it with the world! Everything Is AWESOME

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